1.65 million funding allocated in 2016 for Dublin Galway Greenway

Last week the outgoing transport minister Paschal Donohoe outlined the 2016 funding for the Dublin Galway Greenway. The funding was announced as part of a 23.2M funding package by the National Transport Authority for the Greater Dublin Area for 2016.

The overall funding includes provision for DublinBikes expansion, and construction or further planning on walking/cycle routes

In total, 1.65 million Euro will be made available for Dublin City Council, Fingal County Council and Kildare County Council. This allocation is specifically for the upgrade of the Royal Canal which will form the backbone of the Dublin Galway greenway on the eastern end of the national cycle route.

Dublin City Council will receive 900,000 for the Royal Canal greenway which is broken down as follows:

  • Royal Canal Cycle Route (Phase 2) - detailed design North Strand Road to Sherif Street. 500,000
  • Royal Canal Cycle Route (Phase 3) - detailed design North Strand Road to Phibsborough. 200,000
  • Royal Canal Cycle Route (Phase 4) - tender preparation Phibsborough to Ashtown - 200,000

Fingal County Council will receive 350,000 for the Royal Canal preliminary design and to the start the planning process for the route from 12th lock at Castleknock to the Fingal/Kildare county border. Sources in the council have told this blog that FingalCoCo hope to put out a tender after Easter for the design of plan for the cycleway, starting at the 12 Lock and finishing at the Kildare border. The exact finishing point for this survey is still uncertain and dependent on the National Transport Authority confirming how much funding Fingal has to undertake the design tender.

Kildare County Council will received 365,000 for commencement of construction of Royal Canal route between Maynooth and the Kildare/Fingal border. Kildare county council recently held a public consultation on the route.

While it is great to see the funding being made available, it is disappointing that there is no funding allocated to Meath County Council for the section of the Royal Canal greenway that traverses through Co. Meath.  It is unclear if Meath County Council requested funding.

Minister Donohoe said:”As economic activity continues to grow it is important that we encourage greater use of sustainable public transport options”

The breakdown of the funding is included below:


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