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10 Years On - What has happened to the Dublin Galway Greenway?

In September 2012, Leo Varadkar the Minister for Transport, Tourism and Sport, proposed the first off-road cross-country cycle route. “ Ireland doesn’t have a cross-country, off-road cycle route, and this would have significant potential to be marketed internationally and attract new tourists who may want to walk or cycle across Ireland ” - Minister Varadkar said. Ten years on, Ireland still does not have a cross-country greenway. Has the project died? Will it ever happen? What has this project delivered? What have we learned? Back in 2012, Ireland was in the depths of a recession following the global financial crisis. Tourism appeared to be one of the only shining lights in Ireland’s economy. Leo Varadkar was a rising star in the Fine Gael party and, as a newly appointed minister, he was quick to announce various tourism initiatives such as the extension of the 9% VAT rate for tourism, the “Gathering”, a global call to the Irish diaspora to return to Ireland during 2013 and the first