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Major News on the Dublin Galway Greenway

Supporters of the Dublin Galway Greenway project received some excellent news when it was announced that  Kildare ,  Meath ,  Longford  and Westmeath  are to receive funding for greenway projects following a decision by tourism minister  Shane Ross  to release unspent funds which, according to the minister, would otherwise not be drawn down this year. Following a review of the Cycle Network funding call of 2014, the minister concluded that not all the funding would be fully drawn down in 2016. Minister Ross decided to direct the funds to greenway projects that were  ‘shovel-ready’. The total funding involved amounts to over €3.5 million, with €2.5m of that going to the 38-kilometre section running from Maynooth in Co Kildare to the border of Co Westmeath. Ross stated: “Since my appointment, I have been particularly struck by the far-reaching benefits that greenways can bring to the localities in which they are situated, as is evidenced by the success of the Great Western Gre