What does Sean Connery and the New Mullingar to Athlone cyclway have in common?

Ireland's latest world-class greenway (Athlone to Mullingar) is on a disused railway line that last saw serious action as a location for a movie starring 007 legend Sean Connery - 1979's The Great Train Robbery. 

According to reports in the Irish Independent by journalist Claire Mc Cormack, four decades after the collapse of rail services between Mullingar, Moate and Athlone, the historic corridor has been reconnected by a new bicycle track - 40km long and three metres wide

Next weekend the Taoiseach will be on hand to open the next phase of the Dublin to Galway cycleway. Enda Kenny will be in Westmeath to open the new 40 km cycleway that will once again connect the midland towns of Athone and Mullingar.

Apparently, the new route, which is open already to the public, is already attracting a large interest from local users. According to the reports Barry Kehoe, director of services for transport and economic development at Westmeath County Council, said the project has captured local imagination with some already sampling the route.
"People who haven't ridden a bike for 40 years are getting back on the saddle. They're using it all hours of the day, even into the darkness of the winter evenings we're seeing lights on it," he said.
In the report, it was notable that Mr Kehoe wanted to clarify that the route was intentional built to attract families and more leisurely cyclists and walkers and is not for cyclist clubs that may want to travel in group on fast road bikes. Mr Kehoe said that "It's entirely for families and we have communicated with the various cycling clubs that it is not suitable for groups. They travel too fast and take up too much space and would be intimidating for family users". 
We are looking forward to the official opening which is due to take place on Sunday October 18th.


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