Dublin Galway Greenway Route

Several people have contacted us and asked if there is single source of information on the proposed Dublin Galway greenway route. The route crosses 6 county borders and will involve the cooperation of at least 8 local authorities and government bodies. So its not surprising, given the number of bodies involved, that there isn't one single place that lays out the entire route. Note that many of the proposed route is subject to planning and land holder agreements.

The RCAG Royal Canal Amenity Group has made a good start to list the sections along the Royal Canal and the following is our understanding of the proposed route. Please get in touch and help us to keep this information up to date.

Dublin: Guild Street to Sheriff Street to Castleknock. See Map. Note that Dublin City Council have recently announced plans to proceed.

Kildare: No work has commenced. Subject to Planning

Meath: No work has commenced. Subject to Planning

Westmeath: Westmeath/Meath border to Coolnahay, 33 km. See Map

Longford: As part of the greenway from Dublin to Galway, a high quality walking and cycling path has been completed between Longford town and Richmond Harbour in Clondra, 16.5km. See Map

Westmeath section - The Westmeath section of the Dublin to Galway Greenway, when completed, will run from Mullingar to Athlone along a disused rail line. Construction of the Greenway is well underway and a large section will be opened later this year.See Westmeath county council Info

Galway - Athlone to Galway Corridor Overview:

Ballinasloe to Galway. Again up for public consultation.


  1. And you still have not quite explained what a greenway is. Can you put an about section on your site?

  2. Thanks for the comment. I have updated our about page to include a definition of a greenway.

    A greenway is a long corridor of protected open space, usually following natural geographic features, planned for environmental or scenic protection and to provide opportunities for recreation and non-motorized transportation.


  3. I'm from the US and would like to hike from Dublin to Galway. Is that possible? Is there a book about campgrounds, inns along the way, places to eat
    ect. I have hiked in Nepal and it was easier to find info about that than this trip. I would like to visit Sept., or oct and spend about 3 weeks in your country. I hope you can help. I'm 67 and still travel alone.
    Michael friedman


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