Longford hoping to be strategically placed to benefit from a Coast to Coast greenway

Reports in the longfordleader.ie tells how members of the Longford County Council heard from local tourism leaders that Longford will be uniquely positioned to benefit from an increased level of tourism from greenways and blueways.

Seadna Ryan told members the work that had been done throughout the county with regard to walkways, cycle routes and water activities, would ensure that Longford would become a major attraction for tourists in the years ahead. 

Mr Ryan went on to tell local authority members that the Royal Canal Greenway went from Dublin to Clondra and that Clondra had also been included in the Shannon Blueway project. “This means that Longford is providing a very unique tourism product; if we copy cat we will not survive, but if we are distinct we will,” Mr Ryan continued.

Longford is ideally placed to benefit from the proposed Dublin Galway greenway as its strategically positioned on a location between the proposed Dublin Galway greenway and the Mayo greenway and in time the option to connect these greenways could provide huge potential.


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