Compulsory purchase orders may be used for dublin-galway greenway “if necessary”

Ann Phelan TD (Labour), who is a minister for state at the departments agriculture and transport with special responsibility for rural economic development and rural transport, said that consideration must be given to land purchase by agreement, “or, if necessary, by CPO” for the proposed Dublin Galway greenway.
Phelan said: “In terms of the best land access models for greenway delivery, the use of publicly-owned land is advantageous from the perspective of reducing costs. Negotiated permissive access, from the perspective of cost and public ownership, continues to have value but for the projects of national scale, consideration must be given to land purchase by agreement or, if necessary, by CPO.”
She said that people only have to look at the success of the Great Western Greenway (shown in photos above and below) in County Mayo to see how facilities such as these can revitalise our rural areas by bringing new visitors from both home and abroad to areas of the countryside and towns along greenways.


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