Opening date nears for Mullingar to Athlone section of Dublin Galway Greenway

Our sources closest to the construction of the Mullingar to Athlone cycleway are indicating a mid October offical opening date. As of Friday evening (18th Sep), the base layer was finished to within 4km of Athlone, with the finished layer completed to about a mile of Moate Station. Its a serious job. Some of the bridges are also finished with hand railing. Topsoiling is finished to Castletown. Here's a sneek peek courtesy of a facebook user. "Pretty impressive stuff. Some beautiful bridges and tunnels along the route. Past half way point yesterday. No official..." Posted by Brian Golden

Funding should be scrapped or go elsewhere if suitable route not found says Cycling Campaign

The Galway Cycling Campaign has called on the Minister for Transport, Mr. Paschal Donohoe TD, to reject IFA proposals to put a local section of an international greenway beside the old N6.  Controversy has erupted about the routing of the Galway section of the Eurovelo 2 cycling route.  The route is meant to start in Galway and end in Moscow and much of the mainland sections are already in place. Conflict has arisen between the IFA and the NRA who have proposed to CPO farmers’ land to construct the route.  The cyclists say both sides are at fault with the NRA approach viewed as poorly managed and divisive.  The county council and NRA seem to have ignored standard methods for providing such routes without splitting farms. The cyclists accept that the appointment of the NRA to lead the project has been highly questionable and that the NRA involvement has not been positive.  However, the IFA suggestion of putting a Greenway beside a busy road is equally flawed and would make the count

July Update - Galway Farmers want cyclists pushed onto the N6, Longford woos minister and looks to connect Royal Canal greenway to Mayo

The latest farmer position on the Greenway through Galway and Roscommon is that the will militantly oppose the Dublin Galway greenway through East Galway. petition-galway-dublin- greenway/ Senator Healy Eames is one of the vocal policition on the farmers position and recommends using the N6 for the greenway. 2015/07/01/healy-eames-asks- minister-to-use-old-n6-as-the- only-apparent-way-to-save- greenway-for-galway/ Meanwhile, minister Donohoe is loosing patience with all the opposition on the Galway side when so many other local communities disparately want funds for greenways. He might withdraw or reallocate the funding for the Connaught leg of the greenway. news/threat-to-funds-for- athlone-to-galway-cycleway- over-land-disputes/ And Longford council are ceasing the opportunity to get funding to connect the Royal Canal greenway to the Mayo Greenway.

First look at the surface of the Mullingar to Athlone greenway

The Dublin Galway greenway blog is happy to provide some early pictures of the soon to be opened Mullingar to Athlone cycle way. The Mullingar/Athlone cycleway is part of the Dublin Galway greenway and follows the route of the disused railway between the two Westmeath towns. This picture was taken just outside Mullingar and while the greenway is not open to the public yet we were able to access the initial 2 kms of the route. We are pleasantly surprised on the high quality of the surface. The surface is equivalent to road surface and is done to an exceptionally high standard. Unfortunately the surface was only completed to Ballinalee. After that point the surface becomes compacted stone. We assume that the entire length of this cycleway will be surfaced with tarmacadam. All indications point to a mid September opening date.

Will Cyclist be forced to cycle on a National Road as part of the Dublin Galway Greenway?

According to reports in the Connacht Tribune , cyclists on the planned Dublin Galway Greenway will be forced onto busy National Roads. In the article ,  Senator Fidelma Healy Eames is calling on the Minister of Transport to seriously consider routing cyclists onto a National Roads. Senator Fidelma Healy Eames says using the old N6 is the only way a greenway can be developed without having a negative impact on productive farmland. Minister Paschal Donohoe is holding meetings this week with farmers affected by the proposed route. Senator Healy Eames is calling on the minister to maximise the use of public lands and make the old N6 safe for cyclists and pedestrians. A final decision on the proposal is to be issued in September.

"No funds available to re-open railway lines for passengers or freight" says Paschal Donohoe

Minister states greenway on closed western rail route would "fully protect integrity of corridor"   Greenway supporters now look for county councils to listen to Minister and back greenway for the "tourism and business benefits" it will bring   The Western Rail Trail Campaign received an email from Minister of Transport Paschal Donohoe on June 22nd which reinforces previous correspondence from the Minister that his preferred option is for a greenway on the route of the closed railway from Athenry to Sligo in order to protect the ownership of the closed railway route until such time as a railway ever becomes possible.   Brendan Quinn of the Western Rail Trail campaign said "we are in touch with the Minister on a regular basis and this email reconfirms what Minister Donohoe has said on a number of occasions that the Government has no plans to re-open the railway and that a greenway will protect the route, furthermore  this is the first time Mr. Don

Greenway Updates June 2015

In the last few weeks, a number of news stories related to the Dublin Galway Greenway came into prominence. Earlier in the month, we heard from Councillor Tom Farrell on the Shannonside FM news welcoming the significant progress being made on the Athlone to Mullingar section of the Dublin Galway Greenway. Councillor Farrell expressed his views that the opening of new Athlone to Mullingar cycleway will “re-unite Co Westmeath”. In the last week, however, there has been mixed news on the hope of having a speedy resolution to the controversial route options on the Connaught part of the route. The Connaught Tribune reports that TD gives pledge that cycleway won’t go ahead without the support of locals.  In a effort to keep everyone onside we suspect that the route on the Galway side of the greenway may start to slow now as negotiations and concessions commence. But in an interesting development, the Connaught tribune has a story that reports that the Athenry and Sligo greenway grou

Dublin City Council opens Public Consultation on Royal Canal Greenway

Dublin City Council has opened its plans for Royal Canal cycleway for public consultation. The 10 million Euro project, which is part of the Dublin Galway greenway, aims to provide a cycle and pedestrian route from Ashtown to Dublin City along the route of the Royal Canal. The project is being planned in 4 phases with the 1st phase (Guild Street to Sheriff Street Upper) already constructed. The other 3 phases consist of PHASE 2: SHERIFF STREET UPPER , DUBLIN 1 TO NORTH STRAND ROAD, DUBLIN 1 PHASE 3: NORTH STRAND ROAD, DUBLIN 1 TO PHIBSBOROUGH ROAD, DUBLIN 7. PHASE 4: PHIBSBOROUGH ROAD, DUBLIN 7 TO ASHTOWN, DUBLIN 15   In addition, for all 3 Phases of the Scheme the proposed works includes the provision of new public lighting, CCTV, gateways to prevent inappropriate motor vehicle access and other ancillary services along the entire route. An Ecological Report and Built Heritage & Conservation Report has also been provided. Plans for the proposed development may be insp

Senator Lorraine Higgins Joins Calls To Connect Our National Greenways

According to reports by Cian Ginty in , senator Lorraine Higgins has joined the growing voice for a more connected vision on the planned national greenways. Most Galway politicians who have spoken out on the issue recently have more clearly sided with farmers’ groups who are against the Dublin-Galway route from using current farmland. The Labour Senator’ comments comes after a press release she released earlier in the week highlighting how she is seeking a meeting between the Minister for Transport and pro-greenway groups from Tuam, Mayo and Sligo. She told the IrishCycle website that these groups include the Sligo-Mayo Greenway group, the Tuam greenway group and the Athenry greenway supporters. These are mainly campaigning for sections of the Western Railway Corridor between Galway and Sligo to be used as a greenway. Although the railway is disused, all of the route is in public ownership, but support to turn this route into a greenway is currently limited among

Funding For Kildare Greenway Not Likely Until 2017

According to reports from KFMRadio , funding for the Kildare section of the Dublin to Galway Greenway won't be available until after 2016. This is a 276 kilometre cycle route being developed under the aegis of the Dept. of Transport. The Kildare section, 38 kilometres between Maynooth and the Meath/Westmeath border, already has planning permission. All Department funding for greenways is fully committed up to 2016. Minister Pascal Donohe says he "would expect that when funding becomes available that this project will be in a position to avail of that."